1. Automatic Energy performance Diagnosis of HVAC Systems by the4S3F method (Taal A., Itard L. (2022); CLIMA2022

2. 4S3F Diagnostic Bayesian Network method: discussion about application and technical design (Wang Z., Meijer A., Itard L (2022); CLIMA2022

3. Health monitoring: a machine learning approach for anomaly detection in multi-sensor networks (Hajee, Bram; Wisse, Kees; Mohajerin Esfahani, Peyman (2022); CLIMA2022

4. A web-based approach to BMS, BIM and IoT integration: a case study (Chamari, Lasitha; Pauwels, Pieter; Petrova, Ekaterina (2022); CLIMA2022

5. Learning and Knowledge Transfer of Professionals within the Building Services Sector (Mohammad Samir Ahmed, Joep Van der Velden, Paula Van den Brom, Ali Soleymani, Maaike Konings, Laure Itard, Marcus Specht, Ellen Sjoer, Wim Zeiler (2022); CLIMA2022

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