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Project reports

Student Reports

Conference and Scientific Journal Publications

Unlocking Energy Flexibility From Thermal Inertia of Buildings: A Robust Optimization Approach, December 2023

Robust Optimal Control With Inexact State Measurements and Adjustable Uncertainty Sets – July 2023

Extensible real-time data acquisition and management for IoT enabled smart buildings – March 2023

Metadata Schema Generation for Data-driven Smart Buildings – March 2023

Digital twin enabled fault detection and diagnosis process for building HVAC systems – Automation in Construction | February 2023

Brains for Buildings to Achieve Net Zero –  Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions in the Building Industry | November 2022

An early prototype for fault detection and diagnosis of Air-Handling Units – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

Automatic Energy performance Diagnosis of HVAC Systems by the 4S3F method – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

4S3F Diagnostic Bayesian Network method: discussion about application and technical design – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

Health monitoring: a machine learning approach for anomaly detection in multi-sensor networks – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

A web-based approach to BMS, BIM and IoT integration: a case study – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

Learning and Knowledge Transfer of Professionals within the Building Services Sector – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

A Reference Architecture for Data-Driven Smart Buildings Using Brick and LBD Ontologies – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

Time Series Building Energy Systems Data Imputation – World Congress CLIMA | May 2022

Other publications