Within the B4B project we are building a community around the topic of “smart buildings” by organising knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences and building a network aimed at a broad group of stakeholders. We either reach out to these stakeholders directly or through various branch and stakeholder organisations involved in the project.

Activities so far:

  • Bi-annual consortium meetings
  • Monthly B4B webinars (see recordings hereunder)
  • Presentation at conferences/workshops
  • Student projects

Recordings monthly webinars

All recordings from the webinars are here made available:

  1. Webinar 17 February 2022 – Smart Building Assessment  Recording
  2. Webinar 13 March 2022 – Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  3. Webinar 20 April 2022 –Indoor Climate Label
  4. Webinar 19 May 2022 – Cloud Energy Optimizer (to be made available)
  5. Webinar 16 June 2022 – Monitoring  heat pump performances (to be made available)