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Past Event

Bits, Bricks and Behaviour Conference

Date: November 9th - 2021

On the 9th of November 2021 the  Bits, Bricks & Behaviour Conference took place in de Kuip, Rotterdam.

Various stakeholders interested in knowing more on new technology, smart buildings and sustainable solutions attended the event. The conference offered a strong programme for both inspiration and knowledge transfer.

B4B was widely represented through 4 keynote speakers. Hereunder their presentations:

  1. Bits, Bricks and Behavior – Yorke Smith
  2. Bits, Bricks and Behaviour – Pieter Pauwels
  3. Bits, Brick and Behavior_BBB2021 – Shalika Rick
  4. Bits, Bricks and Behaviour – CCC  – Joep van der Weijden